Shopify & Shopify checkout freight calculator integration
Shopify integration & Shopify checkout freight calculator setup

Shopify integration

  • Click “Connect new Store”

  • Put in store name and click “Connect to shopify”

  • Login to your Shopify

  • Click “Install Eiz”

  • Done, at this stage, your Shopify store is connected with Eiz and your orders on Shopify will keep sync with Eiz. You can also add more Shpify stores on Eiz.


Realtime checkout freight calculator setup

Notification from Shopify:

CCS (Carrier Calculated Shipping) needs to be enabled in a store. This comes default with the advanced Shopify plan. If a store is not on this plan, it needs to be enabled through the Shopify support desk (upon request from the account owner) for an additional: $20USD a month. Another option is if the account owner changes the subscription invoice from monthly to annual- not only will they enable CCS free of charge per year but they’ll also get 10% off their subscription cost.


  • Go to your Shopify dashboard, click “APPs”
  • Click “Eiz freight calculator”

  • Select Courier/Shipping methods options to buyer, then click “save”.

  • Now the buyers will be able to see calculated freight as options on buyers’ checkout page.