How to Pack & Upload Tracking
Fulfillment Helper

Print Labels

You can print shipping labels for your orders under the Pick & Pack section. You can select which orders to print labels for, or you can print labels for all the orders in this list at once.


Click on Actions. In the dropdown menu, click on Print. Select Print Shipping Label from the Menu.


A printer page should pop up for the order.

Tip: If the print page doesn’t pop up, please check to make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups.


Dispatch & Upload Tracking.

Dispatch Helper

Dispatch Helper helps you pack your orders correctly. It also marks dispatched orders and uploads tracking information to sales channels.

Click Order Dispatch on the main menu and navigate to Search by Label Tracking.

Scan the QR code or Barcode on the label using a scanner. The order details, including product information, will come up on the screen.


After packing your order and attaching the label you printed, click Dispatch and Upload Tracking.

The tracking will be automatically uploaded to the sales channel, and your order processing will be completed.

Tip: For orders that have multiple shipping labels, scanning one label will display the entire order information.


Bulk Dispatch and Upload tracking

You can choose to pack, mark as dispatched and upload tracking of your orders in bulk instead of individually.

Go to the Pick & Pack section and select the orders you want to dispatch.

Click on Actions and select Dispatch in the dropdown menu. The tracking information page will be displayed in a pop-up window.


Click the Dispatch and Upload Tracking button in the pop-up window displaying the tracking information.