How to Integrate with myFastway
myFastway Integration


Myfastway offers a timetabled, cost-effective and reliable courier services. Myfastway has the latest innovative technology and real-time track and trace facilities. Myfastway is the best ideal choice for businesses of all size. Our solutions show you how to integrate EIZ with your Fastway courier account.

1  Locating your Fastway API key

Before starting this step, open Notepad (or another document app) on your computer. Create a file to save your Fastway API keys.

  1. Log in to your Fastway account. The dashboard opens.
  2. On the main menu, click Administration. A drop-down menu displays.

  1. Click API Keys. The My API Keys page opens.


  1. Click Create Key. The Add API Key page opens.


  1. On the Add API Key page, enter a file name under Description.
  2. Open Notepad on your computer.
  3. Copy the Client ID and Secret number from the Add API Key page and paste them in the Notepad file.
  4. Save the Notepad file for future use.
  5. Click Save on the Add API Key page.


2  Installing the myFastway app

The next step is to activate the myFastway couriers plugin on your EIZ account.

  1. Log in to your EIZ account. The dashboard opens.
  2. Click the Courier icon in the top left corner of the dashboard. The courier plugin panel opens.
  3. Click the myFastway couriers icon. A new page opens.

The courier plugin panel has two Fastway icons. Fastway couriers is for people with an older Fastway account. If you are a new Fastway account, select the myFastway couriers icon.

  1. On the new page, click the Install App button. A new panel opens.

  1. On the new panel, click Subscribe. The Account Settings page opens.

  1. On the Account Settings page, check the box next to I have all the information.
  2. Click Next. The myFastway API panel opens.

  1. On the myFastway API panel, paste in the Client ID and Secret number from your Notepad file.

  1. Select a location from the drop-down menu: Australia or New Zealand.
  2. Click VALIDATE and NEXT. After validating the API key, the Save Settings panel opens. It shows the courier options available.
  3. Click Save. The panel closes and the Account Information page opens.

Your myFastway service is ready. All myFastway rates will automatically work with EIZ through the API.