How to Integrate with eBay
Eiz-ebay Integration

How to Sell on eBay

Knowing how to Sell on eBay. The key to successfully selling on eBay Australia is to find the best shipping solution in Australia.

This article shows you how to integrate your EIZ account with your eBay store. By connecting the two systems, you’ll be able to process, pack, and ship eBay customer orders quickly and easily.

1  Opening the eBay Account Settings page

The first step is to open the eBay Account Settings page.

  1. Log in to your EIZ account. The dashboard opens.
  2. Click the Store icon in the top left corner of the dashboard. A panel opens.
  3. Click the eBay icon. The eBay install page opens.

     4. Click the Install App button on the eBay install page. A new panel opens.

     5. On the new panel, click Subscribe.

     6. After clicking Subscribe, the Account Settings page opens.

2  Granting eBay account access

The next step is to connect EIZ with eBay.

  1. Click the Connect to New Store button on the Account Settings page. The eBay login page opens.

2. Login to your eBay account. A new page displays.

     3. Click Agree. The eBay authorization success page displays in a new tab.

     4. Close the eBay authorization success tab and then return to the EIZ dashboard. The Link New Account popup box displays.

     5. On the Link New Account popup box, click the I Finished Authorization button. The Account Settings page opens with your eBay store listed.

3  Syncing your eBay store

The final step is to sync your eBay store with EIZ.

  1. Locate your store on the eBay Account Settings page.
  2. Under Actions, toggle the switch to the ON position (blue). Now you are ready to process eBay orders with EIZ.