How to integrate with Kogan
How to integrate with Kogan

To integrate your Kogan store with EIZ, please apply following API information from your Kogan account manager:

  • Seller ID
  • Seller Token

How to Integrate Kogan with EIZ

Log in your EIZ Account > Click the Marketplace integration button, Click Kogan and subscribe it.


The page will be automatically redirected to Kogan integration setting page, click “Connect to New Store”


Fulfil the information needed in the form.

  • Store Name: Customized
  • Seller ID:Provided by your Kogan account manager.
  • Seller Token:Provided by your Kogan account manager.

Click “Validate and Save”


You have now completed the Kogan-Eiz integration.

As Kogan does not provide real-time order sync, so you need click sync button to allow new orders from Kogan manually and batched sync-in each time.