How to Integrate with Groupon
Groupon Integration

To integrate your groupon shop with EIZ, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • supplier_id
  • token

How to Gathering API Credentials

Go to http://scm.commerceinterface.com/api-doc/v2/#authentication

  1. Click here as picture show to generate an access token
  2. Click your country at pop up map.
  3. Login to your Groupon account
  4. Gather the supplier_id and token

How to Integrate Groupon with EIZ

Log in your EIZ Account > Click the Marketplace/Store Icon on the upper left-top of the page, Click Groupon and subscribe it.


Page will be automatically redirected to Groupon setting, click “Connect to New Store”


Copy and Paste all the information needed in integration.

  • Store Name: Customized
  • Supplier ID: Gather from Groupon before
  • Token: Gather from Groupon before

Click “Validate and Save”


You have now completed the Groupon integration, switch on order sync, and start to process your Groupon orders in EIZ!