How to integrate with eParcel
eParcel integration


This article shows you how to integrate EIZ with eParcel, the courier service operated by Australia Post.


1  Creating an Australia Post account

This step shows you how to create an Australia Post account and then apply for an API.

  1. To create an account, go to the https://developers.auspost.com.au/.
  2. Locate the box Choose the API that’s right for you and then click the button Browse now. The API page opens.

  1. Locate the Shipping and Tracking box and then click the link Create an account. The API page opens.

  1. On the API page, enter account information and then click the Create an account button. A verification message is sent to your email account.

  1. In your email box, open the verification message from Australia Post. Click the Activate now button. The Developer Center API opens.

  1. In the Shipping and Tracking box, click Register now for an API key. A new page opens.
  2. Click the Complete registration button. A new panel opens.

  1. Complete the registration form and then click Next. A new panel opens.

  1. On the new panel, click Yes.
  2. Click the arrow to open a drop-down menu and select EIZ.
  3. Check the confirm consent box.

  1. Click Next. A new panel opens.
  2. On the new panel, click the arrows and then select your state.
  3. Add comments (optional).
  4. Click Send. A Thank You message opens.
  5. Click Close.

2  Receiving your API

You do not receive an API key immediately after completing the Shipping and Tracking API Registration form. About 24 hours later, you receive an email message. If your application is approved, the email message contains a PDF file with three keys:

  • eParcel Account-number
  • eParcel API Key(username)
  • eParcel API Password(secret)


2.1 Opening the PDF

The PDF with this API information is password protected. The email message contains a password to open the PDF.


3  Integrating EIZ with eParcel

After completing Steps 1 and 2, you can complete the integration process. In this step, integrate EIZ and your eParcel account.

  1. Open a browser tab and then log in to your EIZ account.
  2. On the dashboard, click the Courier icon in the top left corner. A panel opens.
  3. Click Australia Post. The eParcel APP page opens.

  1. On the eParcel APP page, click Install App. The Subscribe panel opens.

  1. On the Subscribe panel, click Subscribe. The EIZ Account Settings page opens.

  1. On the EIZ Account Settings page, check the box next to the sentence I have all required information.
  2. Click Next. The API Key panel opens.

  1. On the API Key panel, select I have production API key.

  1. Enter the three keys from the Australia Post PDF file (mentioned in Step 2).

  1. Click Validate.
  2. Click Next. The Setup Price panel opens.
  3. Review the eParcel courier options on your account and then click Next. The Finished panel opens.

  1. Click Save to start the app. The Apps page opens.