How to integrate with CouriersPlease
CouriersPlease Integration

Required information:

  • API User Name: (Provided by CouriersPlease Account Manager)
  • API Password: (Provided by CouriersPlease Account Manager)


How to integrate CouriersPlease with EIZ


Step 1: Activate CouriersPlease Plugin in EIZ


Step 2: Confirm Required Information

Please make sure you already have all the required information, and tick “I have all the required information”, click Next.


Step 3: API Information Validation

Copy & Paste your CouriersPlease API information.

  • CouriersPlease API Username
  • CouriersPlease API Password


Step 4: Add shipping methods

In the last step, you can choose which shipping method of CouriersPlease you wish to use, and click Save.


Now, your CouriersPlease service is ready in the EIZ system. All CouriersPlease rates will automatically work with EIZ through API.