How to integrate with Fastway (Fast Label)
Fastway (Fast Label)

Required Information: Fastway account API Key (Provided by Fastway Account Manager)


Integration & Original Setting

Log into your EIZ Account and click the Couriers icon on the top-left corner of your dashboard. Click Fastway Couriers to subscribe to it. You will now be automatically redirected to the integration page.


Step 1: Confirm the Required Information

Please ensure that you already have the required information to integrate your existing Fastway (Fast Label) service. If you do, tick the checkbox for “I have all the required information” and then click the Next button.


Step 2: API & Location Settings

Copy and paste your Fastway API key into the Fastway API key input field, and select your location from the drop-down menu.

After filling in the above information, click Validation to check your input, and then click the Next button.


Fastway offers different rates for different customers, so each user must set up their Fast Label rates.


You can also choose to show all available Fastway (Fast Label) service options for shipping quotes or only the cheapest options.


Step 3: Settings

The settings page will display your User ID, Fastway location, and other valid integration data. You can also choose to show all available Fastway shipping options by ticking the checkbox below your location information.


You can do the following on the settings page:

  • Add or Delete Labels in your Fastway service List.


  • Set different prices for each standard Fast label/satchel.
  • Set Base Weight and Weight Limit for individual shipping methods if needed.
  • Check your current stock for each Fast Label.

  • Set individual label prices if needed.
  • Set default delivery instructions to be shown on labels.
  • Please always click Submit after changing a setting.